Personal information/Personality, A1

Personal information/Personality

Vocabulary: Personal information

Functions: Describing yourself/other people

Grammar: To be: am, is, are/Questions/W- questions/Word order


TO BE: am, is, are

Long form: I am, You are, He is, She is, It is, We are, You are, They are

Short form: I’m, You’re, He’s, She’s, It’s, We’re, You’re, They’re

QUESTIONS. Am I + adjective? Are you/we/they + adjective? Is he/she + adjective?

I’m… a doctor… a student… a businessman… a businesswoman
She’s… interested in music / films / sport… learning English They’re married / single
I’m from Spain / from Russia / from the USA / from the UK
My name is Tatiana / Miguel / Oleg / Rich / Helen

Describing: optimistic, nice, awful, motivated, pessimistic, tactful, direct, Intuitive, friendly, happy, lazy, upset, timid, efficient, unfriendly, slow, shy

W-questions: WHAT is your best friend’s personality?
WHERE is your passport?
WHOSE is it?
WHEN is your best friend’s birthday?
WHO are the actors in your favourite TV programme?

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