Преподаватель по Скайпу Мейсам: английский язык



Язык: английский
Образование: высшее лингвистическое
Специальность: преподаватель английского
Преподает: с 2014 года
Не говорит по-русски

My name is Meisam Ziafar. I am from Iran. I have a PhD in ELT. I have taught English face-to-face for almost fourteen years. I have experience teaching general English, conversation, ESP, American accent, TOEFL and IELTS test preparation courses. I have taught English online as an English native speaker since 2014 I have also taught Teaching as a Foreign Language (TEFL) courses at the university.

As a teacher, I have always thought of language teaching as an opportunity to empower those who need to promote themselves. I think a good language teacher takes into account learners’ needs and interests, motivates them, and even ignites in them the willingness to initiate and interact. In my opinion, knowing a language means the capacity to successfully function in language through employing the most acceptable structures.

I consider myself a successful teacher only if my language learners can easily and fluently retrieve what they have learned and get the most out of their communicative experiences. I always try to relate what I teach to what language learners are already familiar with to facilitate the retrieval and use of what they learn.

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