Преподаватель по Скайпу Жасмин: английский язык



Возраст: 21 год

Носитель языка. Занятия рекомендуются при уровне студентов pre-intermediate и выше.
Образование высшее
Преподает с 2017 года

2016 High School Diploma (Wentzville, Missouri, USA) 2016-2018 Covenant College (Lookout Mountain, Georgia, USA) 2019 Aix-Marseille University (Aix-en-Provence, France). TESOL Certificate.
My name is Jasmine Brandt, and as an American, I lived in the USA until 2019, when I moved to study in France. After completing a semester there, I came to Morocco where I currently live. I have more than 2 years of teaching experience, from ages 5 to adults, in 5 countries. I speak French, some Arabic, and some Spanish as well.
My aim is to provide quality tutoring services with the lessons tailored exactly to the students' needs: each experience should be a personal one and I'm willing to work hard to ensure client satisfaction. I am easygoing, outgoing and my goal is to make our tutoring sessions exciting and interesting as well as productive.

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