Преподаватель по Скайпу Давид: английский язык



Возраст: 60 лет

Носитель языка. Занятия рекомендуются при уровне студентов pre-intermediate и выше.

Язык: Английский
Education: Master of Arts in Teaching English as a Foreign Language, St.Michael's College

My ESL teaching philosophy is very simple: it is based on the needs of the students. I believe that education, including ESL, is a customer service endeavor. There is no room for the teacher’s ego in the process of imparting knowledge.
Whatever the students are preparing themselves for - that is exactly what we need to teach them. If they are going to study in the USA, we need to train them in a simulated environment so that they enter the US life prepared and able to communicate. If their need is to create reports in the future, that is what the training should be centred on.
If they are going to perform multiple tasks in the future, again, we must cover all of them.
Therefore, education must be student-centred, and we should avoid presenting to students unnecessary subjects or materials just to“fill gaps”. Of course, some “edutainment”is nice in small amounts, but not if done excessively.
A student’s future satisfaction, just like any customer’s satisfaction is what we should all aspire to.

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